Why choose plants?

Most people know that plants do benefit mankind while on his/her adventure to pave the world. We all see more parking lots, more roads, and well more everything as we trudge into the future. And this is exactly why we probably want to, or should want to see more plants. Interior design trends have gone back and forth from large lush plant filled atriums to stark hard lined lobbies/buildings in which you can hear every spoken word reverberate off the walls. Being an interiorscape professional I am obviously in favor or lush atriums or lobbies filled with plants because that pays my bills, but in reality there are many more reasons why I favor a decision to add plants over a decision to go a route in which they are not there at all.

Plants are beneficial to humans in many more ways than you might think. Yes, we do rely on them as a food source, we do rely on them do create oxygen so we can breathe, and we do rely on them to make nice soft matts where we can play a multitude of sporting events. Plants are all around us, and why should we not want them in our man made environments. The following is just a few of the benefits you might receive when deciding to contact your local interiorscape professional when designing your living or working spaces.

Plants aid in fighting colds when placed on the inside of buildings. Plants can decrease the amount of people that get colds in an interior environment by up to 30%. When looking at the profitability of a workspace that speaks volumes. I want my employees to show up to work healthy and happy each and every day, and I think you do too.

Plants can and will remove airborne contaminants. Cities are growing and so is the pollution. I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia and am seeing urban growth on a seemingly exponential scale. With this growth comes pollutants as we are expelling more and more carbon monoxide along with numerous other chemicals which are not conducive to human life on this rock. Adding plants to your interior can remove many VOCs, create a little more oxygen, and the simple fact that they have to be grown means you will be making a decision which has a positive impact on our air quality.

Interior foliage has been shown to reduce headaches. That’s right plants do aid in keeping humidity levels up which means that stale air that can cause headaches can be eliminated or at least diminished. Less headaches means more work and more play, making your space a pleasure to be in.

It has been proven that plants make you happy and can actually improve mental health. While I would like you to hire your local Plantscape professional it is worth mentioning that you can benefit from taking care of plants. It can give you purpose and create a bond between you and nature. It has been shown that patients that have views of plants in hospital setting actually get better faster, which is why you see more and more hospitals investing in gardens as well as containerized gardens.

Plants can reduce blood pressure as well as make your brain work better. Being a health conscious individual I appreciate both of these benefits. Plants do reduce stress, which will lead to lower blood pressure. This will give you a little more patience when dealing with the many situations good and bad, that life has to offer.

There are a lot more benefits that can be seen by the use of plants on the inside of any environment. The aid in noise reduction by absorbing sound waves, they look cool, and they bring us closer to the nature we are destroying with every new building on the horizon. If you are working on a design project that needs stark clean lines, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to say no to the plants. There are many cool modern containers on the market which can be paired with plants that have sharp lines.

You can add green walls on the inside or outside of your space which will still allow you to maximize your working space while adding the many benefits outlined above. You can also create green roofs so your tenants can enjoy a park like environment while having city views. Green roofs are a new trend as they reduce many costs associated with heating and cooling a building. If you want a living green wall but don’t want to pay for the maintenance aspect of having one, you can simply choose to install a preserved moss wall. You can get many of the noise reducing benefits of a living wall without the monthly cost of keeping it alive. No matter what your home or work space interior design project is you do have many options when it comes to plants. Please reach out to me or another foliage design professional at https://www.foliagedesignatlanta.com if you would like to see what adding plants can do to your space!