Living Wall Design & Installation in Atlanta, GA

Plantscaping can be used to revitalize and freshen up your space and it can also be used to create astounding design features.

Our living walls installed at businesses and commercial centers in and around Atlanta, Georgia are some of the most spectacular interior design pieces in the area, and they continue to make lasting impacts on employees and customers alike.

These green wall systems are living, vertical gardens as well as exceptional works of art that we are pleased to create. Take a look at the green wall systems we have made for businesses in and around Atlanta in our gallery below.

Few businesses create a natural landscape and add plant life to their business using this creative technique, and the spaces that do truly stand apart. Our living walls can be used to make almost any space really stand out.


Green wall systems will turn a blank wall in a lobby into a spectacular conversation piece, turn a storage space behind a bar to an attention-grabbing work of art, or make your company logo turn heads. With the feel of a serene garden and a quiet greenhouse, living walls will not only transform the look of the space but also transform the atmosphere.

If you are looking for a unique way to add color and style to your space, consider adding a living wall to make a powerful design statement.

From design to maintenance to irrigation, we will take care of every aspect installing your living wall and ensuring it stays green and beautiful.

Take a look at our work and call Foliage Design Systems of Atlanta today at 770-451-0885 for more information on our green wall systems.