Plants Glow When They’re Healthy, and You Will Too

Space exploration is generally associated with making new discoveries about space, mapping uncharted territory, and getting a closer look at the foreign. The European Space Agency (ESA) has just launched a project that is about to change that perception. They’re using space explorations to look back at the known in a much more sophisticated, holistic way than is possible from a study conducted from Earth.

In short, the ESA is using space technology, a proposed new satellite, to map plant life and its quality of health on a global scale. This is only possible if their data can be collected from far enough away. As if the use of a satellite wasn’t high-tech enough to impress, they are also using that satellite to house technology that reads the glow of plants.

Yes; as it turns out, plants glow when they’re healthy. We just can’t see it without the new Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) that will be housed on ESA’s “Earth Explorer,” the satellite they are proposing. FLEX reads the photosynthetic activity of plants, demonstrating, in infrared lighting, which plants are most active during which months.

Besides being just a really cool project, this has pretty big implications for phenotyping, or how we measure plant characteristics and traits, along with new applications for precision farming and guided breeding.

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