Plants Glow in the Dark

You may typically think of indoor plants as nice decorations to have around your home or office. However, in addition to the wealth of benefits that they currently offer, new research is going towards making plants even more useful than before. In fact, a new startup company called Glowing Plant is making great strides towards creating commercially available plants that glow in the dark. In the near future you may be able to unplug your nightlight when you settle into bed with a book. Keeping this plant by your bedside may be all you will need to illuminate your room.

The company received initial funding through their Kickstarted campaign and has recently received another large donation from a startup incubator called Y-Combinator. Anyone who has preordered the glowing plants can expect to receive theirs sometime this November. But just how did they make this plant a reality?

Interestingly, the people behind the plant have taken DNA sequences that are typically found in animals and insects with glowing properties like fireflies and have added them to the DNA of a normal plant. This was made possible by using an innovative piece of technology called a Gene Gun that allows them inset a new sequence of DNA into an existing plant.

Although the project has produced startling results, it does have its share of critics. Many people argue that the DNA of no life form should be altered, even that of plants. To some people, this is an acting of playing God that goes beyond what they believe are the moral and ethical rules a scientist should follow.

Despite these critics, this project is just another example of how people are using plants to enhance their surrounding environment. Keep checking back with the Foliage Design Systems blog to learn about the latest innovations in the world of plants and technology!