Plants Creating Their Own Light

One of the biggest concerns with using plants indoors is making sure that they get enough sunlight so that they can grow and thrive. But what about using plants that can provide their own light?

Over in Europe, one Dutch scientist is gaining a lot of notoriety for being able to develop a plant tissue that actually gives off its own light. Daan Roosegaarde, a researcher working in the Netherlands, was able to create a plant specimen with a modified genetic structure that includes luciferin, a chemical used by jellyfish to create light in underwater environments.

The plants don’t give off a strong light as of yet, according to this article published by The Verge. The idea is to incorporate the technology into a series of plants bright enough to light up roads and highways for drivers when it’s dark outside. Researchers and government officials hope that this technology may provide some savings by reducing highway utility costs without jeopardizing drivers on the road.

These bright plants are only one piece of this intriguing road system puzzle, designed to provide a great deal of dynamic information without any electronic devices. For example, the “smart” highway system would also include biological paints that can react to changes in the weather. When it becomes cold enough to create ice in the road, cold-reactive paints could show a snowflake design to warn drivers of conditions. Other paints can even help to charge electric cars as they drive over the layer of conductive paint.

This isn’t the only futuristic plant innovation concocted by Roosegaarde. The above article goes on to talk about a lotus flower made from heat-sensitive metallic petals. Although more artwork than actual flower, this lotus is designed to open its petals as a person’s hand approaches the flower.

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