Moss Walls & Framed Art

framed plant art

Moss walls are a great way to naturally warm up any interior environment. Preserved reindeer moss can aid acoustics as well as add a natural element in today’s modern spaces. Our moss walls can be made with a variety of color options and can be fully customized for your space.

They do not require any type of maintenance as long as humidity is kept above 40% (normal for interiors). We use a thin wood backing which can be cut or shaped in many ways should you have a funky design concept or idea.

The moss we use is sourced from either the Netherlands or Florida and is preserved/dyed with a mixture of glycerin and food coloring. Our moss pieces can be affixed in a variety of ways as well as either come framed or unframed.

Please reach out today should you want to explore adding some moss art or panels in your space.