Moss Walls

Is that live?

Is what live? I am talking about preserved moss walls. These moss art pieces are becoming popular fast. In a world that is getting busier, taller, and more congested the need for natural elements inside of urban spaces is growing. A solution could be moss art. We use moss either sourced from Norway or the United States. The moss is dried/preserved and adhered to a substrate to hang on a wall or other structure. While it is possible to do these types of things with live elements, most people use preserved product. Live moss will need to be in well-lit areas, watered from time to time, and most likely your going to kill it, which translates to spending more money for an outside person to come take care of your new piece.

By using preserved moss, you will eliminate the need for maintenance unless you live/work in a dry environment. The suggested humidity requirement for this moss to stay sponge-like is 40% or more. This moss will fluctuate its humidity with the humidity of the air. Some people do use water or other solutions to spray on the moss if it becomes dry. This could be as a necessity depending on your situation. Although moist air is needed, we also see that too much humidity can cause the preserved moss to rot. This can be a problem, a rotted piece of moss art will be worth more if housed in a trash can.

These moss walls can be attached directly to the wall or hung like painting. In situations where the moss art has no frame most people tend to anchor them directly to the wall, which will give your piece(s) a nice flush look. Moss can also be directly fixed to any object you may have. Some clients wish to accent an area by highlighting part of their existing structure with moss, generally placed on a thin backing and adhered with a type of glue permanently to your structure.

When designing your space, you might decide you want some moss art. Well what do you want it to look like? We can custom make designs out of most any shape you can think of. We can use many different colors of moss to create designs within the moss, which can make for an eye-catching piece. Colors of moss can vary by supplier, so if you would like to add some color to your piece, we can get you some samples to look at during the design process.

Moss art is becoming very popular as it’s a “fresh” take on art work. It is natural and can add a warm look to your space. Please reach out to us at Foliage Design Systems of Atlanta if you would like to consult about a custom made piece.

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