Interior Landscape and Green Building Code

All over the country, home and business owners are starting to understand their responsibilities in building a greener, more sustainable world. The homes we live in, offices we work in and factories that make our goods are major contributors to pollution.

Many standards have been developed, like the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system, which helps to verify that a building has been constructed to rigorous specifications. In recent years, the government has gotten involved, acknowledging the need to build more sustainable communities in cities and towns across America.

One U.S. city has been leading the national charge for environmentally friendly cities, and may be poised to become one of the largest green cities in the world. As this article published by Neon Tommy discusses, Los Angeles has been busy constructing new buildings and retrofitting old ones to drastically reduce their environmental impacts.

Compared to many other American cities, L.A. has been slowly progressing towards a completely green infrastructure for its downtown area. More than 2,000 buildings within the city limits of Los Angeles have been designated as green buildings according to CALGreen, California’s green building code and the first such statewide code seen in the United States.

Many of these buildings have been rated at least LEED Silver, a very high rating from a third-party verification system for green building practices. And even better news is on the way: in 2014, it looks like many of the planned retrofitting projects around the Los Angeles community that have been waylaid because of budget concerns will finally break ground. This should dramatically increase the progress in sustainability for this city.

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