In 2014, Turn Your Workplace Into a Plant Gallery

The New Year is here and the vast majority of us are determined to make this year better than the last. Whether this deals with a job change, a relationship reconfiguration or visit back to that boarded-up home of your dreams, we will do whatever it takes to make 2014 something special. This doesn’t have to involve a major change, but rather a slight shift in mood and temperament. Like the gas gauge in our cars, our mood tends to lean toward the giant E, as in empty. Let 2014 be the year that we fuel our happiness, shed that emptiness. How should we go about this? It may be simpler than you think, and it all depends on plants.

Interior landscaping is a surefire way to improve mood in any workplace. While many employees see plants in pots and nothing more, they fail to realize the bigger picture, that these plants are actually affecting their collective mood for the better. The thing is, most workplace plants aren’t even arranged to maximize their therapeutic potential. Here’s one way plants can be used in commercial areas, such as a workplace. It deals with the physical location of the plants.

Imagine a Great Wall of plants, let that sink in. An imposing image, right? While we’re not advocating for a thick wall of plants in your workplace, what we are suggesting is that well-placed plants can be used as a boundary of sorts that can split up spaces. This will create a comfortable atmosphere of contemplation and privacy. Such a boundary will also suck up all that workplace noise, which will spread quietness to all corners of a room. With increased productivity and a more relaxing atmosphere, employees will be happier.

That’s all well and good, but at Foliage Design Systems, we get creative with the placement of plants, meaning that they’re not just thrown in a pot and halfheartedly put in a corner of some room. For some spaces, the plants are put on the walls, not hanging from a hook mind you, but actually jutting out of the walls as if you’re in a jungle and the green is coming at you. This can be accomplished by having the plants grow and thrive on vertical frames, like picture frames or canvasses. The ability to interior landscape a building vertically allows for a plethora of creative designs sure to delight the eyes and lift up the soul. Your workplace has the potential to be turned into a plant gallery.

If you want happiness to bloom in your workplace this year, give Foliage Design Systems a call today!