Holiday Decor Options

Christmas is once again around the corner. Well it is for those of us in the industry which means if you would like holiday décor now is the time to get that process started. Generally, you should have finalized your décor ordering by the end of August to mid-September. This does seem early, but this allows your décor specialist enough time to get your product delivered as well as designed. Even though a tree is considered commercial it doesn’t mean it’s finished in a factory. Everything including ornaments and bows must either be made or attached in or facility or on site. The following blog contains some décor ideas that can be tailored to your space.
Christmas trees come in a variety of sizes and infinite color schemes. When looking at your space have an idea of height options. Commercial tree sizes range from 6 feet high to 60 feet high. Consult one of our holiday décor specialists for size recommendations for your space. When you get to the larger sized trees we would have to have lift access, which means structural weight requirements of the flooring as well as an access point to a street where a lift can be delivered. Trees can come in flocked, which means sprayed or manufactured with a synthetic snow like substance adhered to the branches. This option looks great and the flocking will remain on the tree for years without having to be replaced or mended. All lighting is LED and can come in multi-color, cool white or warm white. Lighting can come in programmable options for custom colors if need be. As you can see there are many choices that have to be made when buying or leasing a holiday tree. Knowing what you want or what you don’t want can make all the difference when working with a holiday décor specialist.
Wreaths and swags come in many different sizes and a few different shapes. If you don’t know what a swag is, it is like a wreath but has no hole and is generally in a tear drop type shape. Swags can be used in-between elevators, doors or on columns in your space. They are generally used when a wreath would be too big or when you need something that fills more vertical than horizontal space. Wreaths and swags can be hung by command hooks or a nail in your wall. We would rather not place a hole in your wall to hang a wreath or swag, but in about 50% of our cases the nails are so small clients leave them in year after year. Swags and wreaths can be lit or un-lit, are generally decorated with some type of ribbon/bow/ornaments/sprays/etc. and can be made to match any color scheme you may want. We have many samples on hand should you like to explore this option for your commercial space.
There is a multitude of holiday objects on the market. You can get lit deer, Santa sleighs, large packages, hanging stars or spheres (lit or unlit), large snowflakes. These objects generally accompany landscaping or an entrance to a building. They last many years and could prove to be an investment that gives you a return year after year with no upkeep and easy instillation. There are also many non-Christmas related options if you choose to go that route.
Garland is a popular choice when looking at holiday décor. It can be used inside on railings, security desks or on light poles. You can get garland lit or unlit and have accent decorations added if you would like. Most clients tend to have garland lightly decorated with bows at tie off points. Garland can be boxed for easy storage as well as moving. Although keep in mind that this will have to be fluffed at time of instillation if you choose to sore them in boxes. They generally come in 9-foot pieces and can be connected to one outlet if/when they are lit. LED bulbs are used and will last many years, although most light strands come with a 3-year warranty.
Holiday lighting can make your holiday décor pop. Lights come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Lights are now generally LED and last longer than the three-year manufacturer warranty that they come with. Lights can be wrapped, hung, stapled, and fasted in many other ways. Depending on the length of lighting used you may only need a few outlets for a larger project. Lighting call also be plugged into a portable small battery pack in situations where outlets are not a possibility. Please speak to a décor specialist when looking at lighting options. We generally stay on top of new developments in this area as technology is always changing and innovative products are always hitting the market.
No matter what you are looking for regarding holiday décor you will have many options, in most cases your product can be tailored down to the ornament or bow material. Feel free to contact a member of your local Foliage Design Systems to schedule a consult for your property or space!