Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

A lot of people are choosing to put plants in the home, office, or building lobbies. Some choose to leave the design process up to an interior designer, and some choose to take matters into their own hands. There is no wrong way to go about this decision process as many of us have a natural eye for design. I will outline some of the things that I think about when I am looking at the blank slate of a new project.

The 1st thing I look at is the space in question. I look at the ceilings, the architecture, the actual size of the space, the furniture, and color schemes of the actual space. I try to not only visualize what will work in this space, as well as what won’t work. I try and think about ideas that have made past clients happy, as well as designs I have seen others handle. My goal here is not to mimic, but to come to the table with a design that will make the space pop while still making sense. We are not here yet, but if you have an idea of what plant material you would like to see in these containers, it could help narrow down possible container selection due size restrictions from larger pot sizes.

So you kind of have an idea of what type of container you would like in your space. I.e. you have an idea of how tall, how fat/skinny, general shape, and color type you would like to have in your space. Do you want this container to be made of a specific type of material? After selecting the material type, i.e. fiberglass, metal, wood, cement, your selections will begin to narrow down. This is also when you will start to notice the different price points.

The “stranger” the material, the more money you will probably want to plan on spending. Fiberglass is probably the most used material in the container industry and will probably be the most bang for your buck if you are on a budget….when are we not, right? Plastic would be the cheapest material you could buy into. Its light, lasts forever, but is generally used in less “designy” container options. Concrete, fibelite, and other materials mixed with concrete are generally used for outside applications. The mixtures tend to be lighter than the real thing and hold up well to outside conditions. Personally I would say they are in the medium to high price range. Metal applications or metal infused finishes are going to be the most expensive option you will come across besides hand-made custom planters. Metal infused paints can patina over time giving your container character as the elements react with the said metal, which is mixed into the paint. So, knowing what type of material you would like to be used in your planter as well as your budgetary restrictions in mind will definitely help you narrow down the options for your space. And if you hit a wall when it comes to sourcing a container for your space, call a horticultural design specialist at Foliage Design of Atlanta and we can provide you with plenty of options, no matter what you are going for.

So you found a container that will work, what are you going to put in it? This is a question you probably have had in mind since the beginning. Do you want something large, small, short, round, fluffy, dramatic, clean…ect? If you’re planning for a space that is inside, you will most definitely be looking at tropical plants, but if you are planning for a space with is outside you will probably be using species that you can find at local nurseries or have been grown in your specific climate, although tropicals can be used outside in some instances. Plant choice is heavily dependent on the light your space receives. Please speak with a Plantscape professional before spending your hard earned money. All too often we see people who have tried to make things work with something that would have never worked, and they are left with brown leaves or an empty container. This is some of the stuff I think about when getting a space prepared for a client. There is a ton of options out there so have fun and have an open mind. Explore your options, look at other people stuff, and you may eventually find something that works for you.