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What is Biophilic Design?

The term Biophilia is being used more and more, but what does it mean. How does it affect our lives? And where do we see it in our world today? By definition Biophilic design “integrates nature and natural elements, materials and forms into architecture and interiors.” Ok so that’s not so bad, some people have… Read more »

So…you want a green wall. Where do you start?

So you have decided your space could benefit from a green wall addition. Your wall is a living thing and its long term success can depend on some initial planning from you. The placement of your green wall could single handedly be the most important design decision you make! Inside, outside, west facing, east facing..etc.,… Read more »

Do you know whats in your air?

Many of us try to live a healthy life by going to the gym, running, or doing numerous other activities outside. Others shop at expensive food marts that have the freshest organic ingredients in the market. But one thing many of us do not do not take in to account the air quality in our… Read more »

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