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At-Home Remedies for Plant Pest Control

As a plant professional, I generally forget about using home remedies for plant pests as I deal with larger scale plant quantities. There are a lot of routes you can go that will keep pests at bay while still being friendly to the environment. Should you have an idea of what is eating at your… Read more »

Moss Walls

Is that live? Is what live? I am talking about preserved moss walls. These moss art pieces are becoming popular fast. In a world that is getting busier, taller, and more congested the need for natural elements inside of urban spaces is growing. A solution could be moss art. We use moss either sourced from… Read more »

Indoor Plant Care 101

Caring for plants on the interior of a building can be a great experience or a nightmare depending on your watering habits. There are a lot of factors that go into the overall health of a tropical plant over time, but watering will most likely be a deciding factor in the future of your plant(s)…. Read more »

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

A lot of people are choosing to put plants in the home, office, or building lobbies. Some choose to leave the design process up to an interior designer, and some choose to take matters into their own hands. There is no wrong way to go about this decision process as many of us have a… Read more »

What is Biophilic Design?

The term Biophilia is being used more and more, but what does it mean. How does it affect our lives? And where do we see it in our world today? By definition Biophilic design “integrates nature and natural elements, materials and forms into architecture and interiors.” Ok so that’s not so bad, some people have… Read more »

Design Inspiration for your next living green wall!

It is no secret that green walls are becoming a trend in today’s cityscapes. As buildings go up and our natural surroundings are diminished, the importance of designing buildings with natural elements increases. So much so, that things like the WELL Building Standard and LEED certification are becoming common references for developers as well as… Read more »

Why choose plants?

Most people know that plants do benefit mankind while on his/her adventure to pave the world. We all see more parking lots, more roads, and well more everything as we trudge into the future. And this is exactly why we probably want to, or should want to see more plants. Interior design trends have gone… Read more »

Plants Glow in the Dark

You may typically think of indoor plants as nice decorations to have around your home or office. However, in addition to the wealth of benefits that they currently offer, new research is going towards making plants even more useful than before. In fact, a new startup company called Glowing Plant is making great strides towards… Read more »

Bacteria and Plants

Scientists have made a surprising discovery that one of the most important chemical pathways used by plants is made possible by two different groups of bacteria. This is unusual because all of the other pathways used by plants are based on fungi and cyanobacteria. Researchers have been eager to learn more about this particular pathway… Read more »

Indoor Air Quality

Here at Foliage Design Systems Atlanta, we’re well aware that our work is about much more than building a pleasing indoor area, although that is certainly a major reason why people pay for our services. The last few weeks of summer are a prime time to finalize the plan on your interior garden designs before… Read more »