So…you want a green wall. Where do you start?

So you have decided your space could benefit from a green wall addition. Your wall is a living thing and its long term success can depend on some initial planning from you. The placement of your green wall could single handedly be the most important design decision you make! Inside, outside, west facing, east facing..etc.,… Read more »

What is the WELL Building Standard? And why it will be a growing trend.

So you have heard a little about the WELL Building Standard, but don’t know what it means? Don’t worry we have you covered. By definition, “the WELL Building Standard is a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing, through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness,… Read more »

Do you know whats in your air?

Many of us try to live a healthy life by going to the gym, running, or doing numerous other activities outside. Others shop at expensive food marts that have the freshest organic ingredients in the market. But one thing many of us do not do not take in to account the air quality in our… Read more »

Plants Glow in the Dark

You may typically think of indoor plants as nice decorations to have around your home or office. However, in addition to the wealth of benefits that they currently offer, new research is going towards making plants even more useful than before. In fact, a new startup company called Glowing Plant is making great strides towards… Read more »

Bacteria and Plants

Scientists have made a surprising discovery that one of the most important chemical pathways used by plants is made possible by two different groups of bacteria. This is unusual because all of the other pathways used by plants are based on fungi and cyanobacteria. Researchers have been eager to learn more about this particular pathway… Read more »

Indoor Air Quality

Here at Foliage Design Systems Atlanta, we’re well aware that our work is about much more than building a pleasing indoor area, although that is certainly a major reason why people pay for our services. The last few weeks of summer are a prime time to finalize the plan on your interior garden designs before… Read more »

Hacking Genes in Plants

Farming has largely been about how well you can manipulate your own crop. Whether it is through the seeds or the way you breed your foliage from one generation to the next. You are able to manipulate a plant’s genes over generations; essentially domesticating the plants. But recently we’ve seen a jump in the way… Read more »

Adding Greenery to an Interior Design

Just adding greenery to an interior design can bring health benefits and color to any space. However, using greenery effectively and efficiently to take a space to the next level can be a little more complex. In house plants can drape, grow compactly, or spike upwards. Depending on the vibe or atmosphere that you are… Read more »

Interior Landscape and Green Building Code

All over the country, home and business owners are starting to understand their responsibilities in building a greener, more sustainable world. The homes we live in, offices we work in and factories that make our goods are major contributors to pollution. Many standards have been developed, like the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)… Read more »

Plants Creating Their Own Light

One of the biggest concerns with using plants indoors is making sure that they get enough sunlight so that they can grow and thrive. But what about using plants that can provide their own light? Over in Europe, one Dutch scientist is gaining a lot of notoriety for being able to develop a plant tissue… Read more »