Bacteria and Plants

Scientists have made a surprising discovery that one of the most important chemical pathways used by plants is made possible by two different groups of bacteria. This is unusual because all of the other pathways used by plants are based on fungi and cyanobacteria. Researchers have been eager to learn more about this particular pathway because it is essential when it comes to not only the life of most plants, but it also plays a role in many things we use on a daily basis including fuel and medicine.

This pathway allows plants to make a wide range of products including lignin. This component found in the cell wall of plants makes several important functions possible including plant growth and transportation of water throughout the plant. In an effort to learn more about this pathway and how it is made possible, researchers attempted to link it to similar sequences found in other life forms. The two bacteria groups that they ended up linking it to are both ancient.

These groups are called Bacteroidetes and Chlorobi. Plants have taken enzymes from both of these groups, adopted them, and have maintained them for thousands of years, if not longer. The scientists who made this discovery hope that it will aid in future research related to utilizing this plant pathway to grow nutrients and other useful compounds.

The pathway linked to these two bacteria groups is just one of the ways that plants can benefit all life around them. Maintaining plants and keeping them both inside and outside of your building can help to sustain the overall environment. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of keeping plants around your property, contact the team at Foliage Design Systems today!