Adding Greenery to an Interior Design

Just adding greenery to an interior design can bring health benefits and color to any space. However, using greenery effectively and efficiently to take a space to the next level can be a little more complex.

In house plants can drape, grow compactly, or spike upwards. Depending on the vibe or atmosphere that you are trying to convey, these types can be varied. Smaller spaces often benefit from pieces contained in glass vases or baubles, replacing art.

The leave room on counters or tables, try wall-mounted planters and vertical gardens. Standing planters work well on coffee tables or between seating arrangements. Mixing and matching these styles, tastefully, is often the way to go, as it creates an attractive variety and depth.

Hanging planters are rarely used in interior design plans, which is a shame. We’re more comfortable seeing planters on porches, but indoors, they take up spaces that would usually be reserved for lighting fixtures or empty space. Their sleek and stylish appearance is guaranteed to make an impact with guests and clientele.

Using color, instead of just green, is also important. After you’ve established a color scheme for the space, incorporating plants with blossoms that will either match or compliment an existing design is integral. Plastic, glass, or ceramic pots should also be taken into consideration when outfitting a room with vegetation. Will it clash? Does it clutter up the room?

Finally, don’t forget that plants are living décor. They have certain light and water requirements that can be easily met in decorating, but need to be remembered before vegetation is installed.

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